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07-25-2017  We will be adding a new program dedicated to a great friend most of us know and love from the internet.  Richard this is for you!!

Blessings For Richard

Many of us know Richard, he was active on the interent in many programs and even came up with some of his own programs.  He was always nice to everyone of us, and all he wanted was to make some extra income on the internet.  A few years ago, Richard was diagnosed with Dementia, but that doesn't stop Richard from trying to come up with a idea for a good program to make money today!!  


Today, with the help of a couple of friends we want to do a program for Richard. He came up with the idea below but a couple of us added some extra touches to it.  Richard, this program is for you, God Bless You and enjoy your earnings.


Heres The Plan

Company Forced 1x2

LEVEL 1: Send $42 ( fees added) Receive $40 X 2 = $80 KEEP 0

LEVEL 2:  Send $83 ( fees added) Receive $80 X 2 = $160 KEEP $40 (Now you got your money back) Take Re-entry if you like to help keep us moving.


LEVEL 3: Send $124 ( fees added) Receive  $120  X 2 = $240 KEEP $200 

Must reenter for $42

Do it over and over.    3 short levels, should move pretty fast.  To Join this matrix

Log into your site, click on Purchase Postion, in the drop down box select the

Option for Blessings For Richard $42, Proceed following instructions.



What Makes Reliable Income Club Unique?

This program Reliable Income.Club, is a site that may have various other matixes going in this site.  The one going now is Short and Sweet and My hopes are that this will not have to be replaced.  Other programs we have had in RIC have stalled, and if no members are doing anything to keep it going by bringing in new members or taking extra positions, after a while I will remove it and put in A New Program.  IN other programs on the internet, when they die out or stall, the owner removes it from the internet and the members go join something else.  I am trying to keep my members that I work so hard to bring into my programs by starting a new program within my program.  They are already a member of my site, all they have to do is log into their back office and join the new program by just paying the fee to the new program. Thats it!!  They still use the same url, have the same username and password, use the same email address and the same payment processors. There is no need to give all your information to other sites all over the internet. Need Advertising, We have it here, Click on the Advertising Logo throughout the site.


Just added 07-10-17 

Sustainable   Amt To Send Received Keep  
Level 1 Receive From 2 31.50 60 $0 use $32 to go to next level and take re-entry into level 1 for $31.50
Level 2 Receive From 4 32.00 120 $20 Use $100 to go to next level
Level 3 Receive From 4 104 400 $300 Take 2 entries into the $26 Short Matrix and
          re-enter level 1 $30, 
      Total to Keep $320  

Someone asked me what is the best way to leverage in this program so they could make money faster, and here is what I told them:

In the first level when you cyle and have received $60, you take a $31 re-entry and you take a $32 entry into level 2.  

<<<at this point you have earned your $30 back. BUT, now you are using it as 
"Seed Money" and will take a re-entry with it, you will get it back, then do it again. If you did this over
and over like 10 times just think of it....you have made $300 with just that same $30. AND You
Also have all those other postions working for you. This I think will keep our program moving
Now Thats What You Call Sustainable!!

Short and Sweet Program

Is a 3x1 Company Forced Matrix, so no need to

bring in people directly under you. But as in any program,

we need new members

to keep it going, so please invite!!  

Payments are sent Member to Member.

We are all together here.  

Short Line for $26.00 buy in gets you add credits!

  $25.00 x 3 = 75.00  Keep around $10.00

Come to the Sweet line for 67.00.  System will do this for you. Just check your pending payment tab and pay who it shows there.  

$65.00x3=$195.00  Then the system will give you one member to send 26.00 to!  

Check your pending payment tab.   Pay that person and after they approve you then log in and click to purchase another Short spot for 26.00.  Then you are set!

You keep around 145.00 over and over. 

Please when you can purchase a brand new 26.00 each pay day or when you go thru the sweet level 2 times.

When it comes to our system:

  • State of the art software that sends you emails with all activity you have here.
  • We have only dedicated members here that will do this everyday!!
  • It helps keep the members well informed. 


How It Works..

Here is Our Simple Reliable 2 level plan: Please note:  

You will get email each time you need to reenter.

 Nice and Easy!!

You Must watch you email and have access to computer to get into your back office. 

  Do this over and over again.  The re-entries are the key. EVERYONE MUST take the re-entries or risk losing your account. You will receive a email when it is time to take a re-entry and a person is automatically placed in your pending payments section in the back office.  



We now have the $26.00 Short Line!!


You keep around 145.00 over and over. 

Please when you can purchase a brand new 26.00 each pay day or when you go thru the sweet level 2 times.  Set a goal and with the wonderful members here working together we all will see results!



is up to you...


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Effective: May 30, 2017 (Once posted to the Platforms – All previous versions are void.)